KDrama – Miss Korea


Title: Miss Korea
Genre: Drama, Romance, Family
Episodes: 20
Network: MBC
Year: 2014


This drama set in 1997, during Asian financial crisis period. It revolves around the lives of people who are looking for a better future in live, love and career through Miss Korea pageant.

MissKoreaJiYoungOh Ji Young (Lee Yeon Hee) works as an elevator girl after completed her high school education. Back in her high school days, she was the most beautiful girl in the neighbourhood and always be surrounded by male students who admire her beauty.

MissKoreaHyungJoonKim Hyung Joon (Lee Sun Gyun) owns a cosmetics company that is about to bankrupt due to the monopoly from bigger companies. The only way for him to revive his company is by producing a Miss Korea who would become a spokesperson for his products later.

Hyung Joon meets Ji Young who was also his ex-first lover to make an offer to be her sponsor for Miss Korea pageant. However he did not reveal the real situation of his company.MissKoreaSuggest

Ji Young who was in the midst of being unemployed, suddenly in dilemma because she had received the same offer from Madam Ma (Lee Mi Sook), the owner of Queen Beauty Salon. Madam Ma also known as Miss Korea’s Godmother because of her good track record in producing Miss Korea for so many years.

Ji Young had to make a decision that would change her life forever.

MissKoreOppa MissKoreaMa


I’m glad that I follow my heart and give this drama a chance. It was a fun ride with a realistic storyline and character.

Miss Korea tells that you should work hard and being able to overcome your fear and doubt in order to succeed. Even if you fail, you should gather your strength and bounced back, never lose hope because only the brave will stay. Okay, point taken.

Acting wise. Great acting and chemistry from the leads. Hyung Joon and Ji Young’s couple was awesome. I loved how they complement each other’s weaknesses and support other’s dream. Ji Young was truly admirable when she managed to convince Hyung Joon to believe in their love and stopped his intention to become a noble idiot.


I really admire her character and she changed my view on Lee Yeon Hee’s ability as an actress. She makes me believe that LYH is the best choice for Miss Korea. She nailed that character very well. Two thumbs up.

Not to forget Dr. Ko and and Teacher Jung’s couple that was so sweet and warm my heart.


I also loved Madam Ma and Choon Ja character who were ambitious but always looks out for their girls. They take their responsibility seriously. I salute this two amazing women especially Madam Ma, of course.


I’m gonna miss these amazing oppas and eonni. They inspired me with their determination to succeed and touch my heart with their camaraderie spirit. Group hug everyone.


Last but not least, I loved Jiyoung’s family…her father who she calls ‘eomma’, grandfather, uncle and brother who always there for her.


Well, there is no drama without villains but I don’t plan to write about them except for Chief Yoon who finally did a right thing before the drama end. Ha.


I would say the writer did a good job developing and writing the story of each character. It may not be an award winning material but it deserves some attentions from Kdrama fans.

If you’re looking for a drama that can make you smile and warm your heart, please give Miss Korea a chance. Waikiki!



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