Fated to Love You: Lee Goon and Mi Young’s Love Story (Part 1)

Sometimes true love happen by accident when you least expect it. You cannot plan for it and you cannot run from it. It just your fate.

LG: Ring!!!
MY: Candy!!!

LG: Open the door! Just open the door! What did you just do here? Who are you?
MY: Then why are you in my room?
LG: What are you saying? Your room? Seriously, just come out and let’s talk.

LG: I caught you! You pervert. Wait a minute, your face looks familiar…Ring! What are you doing here…So you approached me on purpose from that time on?
MY: What are you talking about?

LG: Well, it’s not bad.

LG: We can’t always win the game of life, but as long as you have that “chip”…you will always have hope and the chance, so keep it well.
MY: This is my gift to you. This is a candy that helps to fulfill love…People who like sweet things, are people who wants to be happy.
LG: Usually I don’t believe in that…Give it to me. Thank you.

LG: Miss Kim Mi Young
MY: Hello
LG: Let’s go.

MY: I have your…
LG: My what? What?
MY: Your baby.
LG: What? What did she just say?

LG: What’s that sound? Why did she lock the door? Are we prisoners? Open the door!

ftly4-2 ftly4-3
MY: I thought about it and I think it’s only right that I go to the hospital tomorrow. You already have someone you want to marry. Realistically, we won’t be able to raise the child. I don’t want to give this baby a life without blessing.
LG: Mi Young shi…I’m sorry. Tomorrow, let’s go to the hospital together. I won’t be able to take responsibility but I still don’t want to let you go through this alone.
MY: Still, I think it is really marvelous. We met 4 times, but we sleep together 2 of the times…

ftly4-5 ftly4-6 ftly4-7
LG: I don’t know how much and when my heart will move towards you. But I will promise you this. At least to our baby, I want to be a great dad. If you can accept this…let’s get married.
MY: I, too, want to be a great mom to this baby.

ftly4-8 ftly4-9 ftly4-10 ftly4-11


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