Fated to Love You: Lee Goon and Mi Young’s Love Story (Part 2)

Marriage is a journey between two hearts. We share love, sadness, happiness, faith and respect.

LG: We didn’t marry to become a married couple, but for the baby. So, we don’t need to take care of each other like normal married couples. Of course, we also won’t be sleeping on the same bed. My grandmother must not know of this since she won’t be happy if she heard it.
MY: Of course, we should try not to worry her. We both agreed to this before we got married.

LG: We married for the baby, So once the baby is born, there will be reason for the marriage. The reparation will be one million dollars. What do you think? Do you agree?
MY: The reason why I married was to protect the baby and the island. This was the first time this many people needed me and that people congratulated me. And I was grateful for you. Whenever I was going through hard and difficult times, you always appeared and helped me. I was thankful because I thought that you were sincere. I felt relieved that you were the baby’s father… I also have a precondition. What I wanted from you wasn’t money. I will do everything else according to this agreement. But, I will raise the baby.

MY: Yes, mom…I’m being treated like a princess. Grandma is very nice to me. I am happy. Gun takes good care of me.

LG: This is unbelievable. How long have you lived here that you have already made a friend in this neighborhood?
MY: Actually, he is a priest. I coincidentally met him, so we talked and he took me home.
LG: Can I give you some advice? While you live with me, live with class. Don’t hang out with a priest or punk, or whatever he is. Unbelievable.

LG: What’s going on?! Are you okay?! Why are you being like this?
MY: I’m sorry. I was trying to clean up after showering.
LG: The maid cleans the bathroom and everything afterwards, you don’t need to worry about that. Wait here…Dry yourself. You can catch a cold, so…You must be cold. Aren’t you cold? Let’s go out.

MY: I’ll make it quick. Sorry.
LG: No, it’s okay. Take your time. Make sure you fully dry yourself, so that you don’t catch a cold.

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MY: I thought you wouldn’t come. If you’re busy, you can leave. I’ll do it.
LG: You said our baby would like it. You can’t upset the baby even while it’s in your stomach. Our baby will sulk. Hand over the needle…Thread.

MY: I want to thank you. I’ll cherish this and dress the baby with it.
LG: Why dress the baby with something like that? If you go to the department store, there are so many brand name baby clothes.
MY: But still. This is a one-of-a-kind baby clothes.If you cherish the clothes that the baby wears for the first time, later when they take tests or have some hardship, the baby will receive luck.
LG: That’s all a lie. A superstition, superstition. What era is it for you to still believe that?
MY: But still. I will cherish it forever.

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MY: I’m really thankful. I couldn’t even think about it.

LG: LG: Do you know the saying? A son-in-law is also a son. But you, you were better at singing than you look like you would. You could be a singer.
MY: Your rap was amazing too. You were like Eminem.

ftly6-18 ftly7-1
LG: What’s wrong? You need to tell me exactly so I’ll know what the problem is. I can’t let go. The person who should be getting mad is me. I clearly told you. While living with me, keep your class.
MY: Class? Being kind only in front of my face while doing whatever you want behind my back. That kind of stuff?
LG: Why are you suddenly saying this?
MY: Lee Gun.What am I to you? What kind of meaning do I have to you?

ftly7-2 ftly7-3
MY: Lee Gun, you may think of me as shameful, but I don’t live shamefully in my conscience.
LG: Do you? Okay, fine! When we’re together, just forget about living as a married couple. It is because of the baby. Only that kind of relationship. Alright?

LG: If you were planning to come back anyways, are you happy that you made me worry?
MY: I didn’t even say goodbye to Grandmother. I just couldn’t leave.
LG: How about me? Do you know how worried I was?!

MY: Just exactly, who is the real you? why did you sell the Yeoul Island Factory to a weird place? All my family members like you.Since the Yeoul Island Factory is under your company, it’s possible to do that. But selling it to a company for a trash landfill is very wrong.If that happens, then Yeoul Island will be destroyed and scary people will…My family…
LG: Is that why you were like that? I now understand. Yes. That did happen. But I will explain it to you.

LG: Tonight, just sleep on the bed. I’ll sleep here.
MY: This is my spot.
LG: You really don’t listen, don’t you. You are actually quite stubborn. You say that you can’t say no, but you always say no to me. Just sleep in the bed tonight! Good night.

ftly7-9 ftly7-10
LG: Dad is reading it for you. Anyway, I will continue the story…

MY: Do you have something to say?
LG: Don’t live like a “Post-it” girl. While you’re with me, becoming a trivial insignificant person, you’re superglue. Did you forget?

ftly7-12 ftly7-13
LG: This isn’t an object. This is an object. This isn’t an object.
MY: I… think that sleeping on the sofa will be better. Good night.

LG: Since you’re here…why don’t you see it? why don’t you see it? Don’t you want to see it?

MY: Peoples are watching us. You can go first. I’ll follow you quietly.
LG: Kim Mi Young. You aren’t a Post-it girl anymore. Don’t hide behind me. Walk beside me with confidence. Ok?

ftly8-5 ftly8-6
MY: Were you…going to tell Se Ra who I am? If Se Ra found out now…she wouldn’t be able to accept it. She isn’t ready at all.
LG: What about you?
MY: I’m not sure but…I don’t think you should tell her now. She’s so happy to see you now. Please reconsider your decision.

ftly8-7 ftly8-8 ftly8-9
LG: Listen up. This woman isn’t very smart and she can’t calculate well either. It’s because she didn’t study hard in school and she was the worst at mathematics. But this woman knows how to treat others sincerely. This woman is also good at caring for other’s wounds and comforting them. That’s why she’s both common and very special. This is my precious lovely wife…Ms. Kim Mi Young.

LG: Kim Mi Young…A rough diamond like you shouldn’t be hanging out with this rubble. Let’s go.

LG: We’re all dressed up now…so I don’t think we should just go straight back home. Why don’t we have a sweet moment together here?
MY: Shall we?

ftyl8-13 ftyl8-14 ftyl8-15
LG: I gave you a hard time didn’t I? I wasn’t avoiding you because I hate you. I felt sorry for you until I was ready. I mean ready to come back to you. That’s why I did it. Thank you for waiting for me. And…for being with me now.

MY: The nicer he is to me…the more I worry…and the harder he works for me…the more I worry…that I’ll expect too much from him…that I might start to think that he actually likes me and that I might not be able to let him go…on the day we promised.


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