Fated to Love You: Lee Goon and Mi Young’s Love Story (Part 3)

Love will make us smile.
Love will make us cry.
Even if we have to say goodbye.
Let’s do it with style.

LG: Did you really make all this Mi Young? This one’s me Gun…and this is you sweet Mi Young…Why don’t we exchange? It just seems strange…to eat my own face.It’s scary too. I’ll eat you.

ftly9-2 ftly9-3 ftly9-4
MY: Hello Gae Ddong. This is my first time saying hello to you. How was your day? Mother had a good time at your grandmother’s restaurant. I was even happier because your father was with me. Mother and father are becoming like a real family.

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LG: What were you doing? What time is it? Do you want to see me go crazy? What have you been doing until now? 

LG: What are you doing? Are you trying to charm me? Is that it? I… I won’t forgive you like this.
MY: I’m sorry. I had to do something. I won’t worry you again.
LG: If you say so that’s it. I can’t say anything else. I shouldn’t forgive you this easily.

MY: This is the first time in my life I’ve actually desired someone. The nicer you are to me the more I want to have you…I can only dream of the happiness other couples have. I’ve only just realized…I’m like an uninvited stranger in your life who’s always causing you trouble. I think we should stop.

ftly9-12 ftly9-13
LG: Since when did you become such a selfish person? Since when do you only talk about what you want and not care about how others feel Ms. Kim Mi Young? What about my feelings? I only think of you more when you tell me not to be bothered by you. I’m uncomfortable when I can’t see you. I smile when you smile and cry when you cry. What about these feelings? Don’t you understand me?
MY: Since you keep being so nice to me…I keep forgetting that I have to be separated from you one day. I’m scared that I won’t want to leave you then and I won’t be able to live without you even though I shouldn’t feel this way.

LG: In this world…There isn’t a thing that can’t be done in this world.

LG: I was wrong…Don’t take Mi Young. I did wrong! I’m sorry!

LG: I know you. You know me, right? The dog-ring incident. That weird lady in the shopping mall, that made my ring drop into the dog’s play area. So, we meet again here. This is such a weird coincidence.

LG: Secretary Kim, come over here. Do you know what this is? My girlfriend didn’t even give this to me, so why was I carrying it around?
MY: It’s mine.I left it in your care because of some situations. I’ll take it back.
LG: How can I trust you? I won’t give this back until my memory returns, okay? But why do we keep getting entangled over a ring? It’s weird.

LG: Why did you lie that you’re a secretary? You are not my secretary.
MY: I didn’t do it because I wanted to deceive you. Since you’ve forgotten your memory, you shouldn’t receive too much shock.
LG: The shock must have been extreme. Since I married a woman like you because you were pregnant after we spending one night together. Is it true that you married me based on condition that you would receive money, give me the baby, and get divorced? Did I really suggest such an arrangement?
MY: During the three months that you don’t remember, truly many things happened. I can’t tell you now, but that’s how it was.

LG: Be honest with me. Is it my disease starting to appear? I passed out and lost my memory. Does it have anything to do with my family’s disease? I have to know the truth!…How can I not worry? My grandmother, Mi Young, my Gae Ddong and my family I have people to take care of. How can I not worry?

MY: I have your birthday gift. This is what you asked me to make for you. It’s called “Gun’s Mug.” It looks exactly like you, right? It would have been better if I could have given it to you on your birthday. Instead…I’ll make you a new one every year.

LG: This mug doesn’t suit the atmosphere of my house. Your role…as my grandmother’s
granddaughter-in-law and as my wife is over today. I’d like you to leave. If you’re hesitating because of the child…I’ll give up all my rights to the child.

LG: That’s enough. No one will sympathize with you even if you act pitiful and indulge in self-pity like that. I told you earlier that no one will be with you forever. You have to make it on your own…It’s only been three months. If you can’t forget such a short time…how can you live this world alone?
MY: You still don’t have to be so mean. I’ve already made up my mind. Let’s break up.

LG: Kim Mi Young! It’s not good to be too kind! Be more confident and less timid! Remember, you’re like…super glue.

MY: How’s our baby? Our baby is fine, right? Why won’t you answer me?
LG: Gae Ddong isn’t here. Gae Ddong is gone. I told him to go.
MY: No…It can’t be. I told you..I didn’t care what happened to me, so please save Gae Ddong. That’s what I asked you. How can I live after letting Gae Ddong die? Please give my baby back.

LG: I’m sorry…

LG: You told me that people who like sweets are the ones who want to be happy. If there’s any happiness left in my life I’d give you all. You have to become happy, Mi Young.

MY: Let me ask you one last foolish question…if I asked you to forget everything  and start again…could you be with me like we were before?
LG: I’m sorry. Can it be my answer?
MY: Yes. I understand clearly.

LG: Snail…Good bye



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