Fated to Love You: Lee Goon and Mi Young’s Love Story (Part 4)

You may have disappear from my eyes but you always in my heart. When I close my eyes, you will be beside me in my dreams. It hurts but I deserve it because I hurt you more.

LG: Wow, my snail is great. She’s really great. Gae Ddong…Mother is so cool, isn’t she?

ftly13-3 ftly13-5 ftly13-6
MY: Lee Gun? Why are you here?
LG: Kim Mi Young? Why are you coming out from my room?
MY: This is my room.
LG: No, this is my room.

LG: This is amazing. How can I dream like this? Kim Mi Young…At least I can see you in my dreams. It’s nice to see you.

ftly14-2 ftly14-3
LG: Kim Mi Young…I sincerely congratulate you on your first exhibition. You just need to move forward like that. Slowly…slowly, step by step.

LG: Wow, if our dog poopie would have been born she would have looked like this. Dog-poopie, hi…This is what mom must have thought.

LG: Wait. Why are you in hurry? You may not know a lot about business. You should go eat or watch a movie together after you sign a contract.
MY: I’m not hungry.
LG: If I say, “Let’s go”, you should say, “Yes, let’s go” From the moment you signed
that contract…I’m the contractor, and you’re a subcontractor. This is how the relationship goes.
MY: It won’t be easy for you to find another subcontractor like me, Mr. CEO.

ftly15-3 ftly15-4 ftly15-5 ftly15-6
LG: You’re burning up.
MY: Don’t worry about me. I can go alone.
LG: Don’t be ridiculous! You can’t go like this.
MY: I really don’t want you to worry about me. We’re strangers now. So let me go.

ftly15-7 ftly16-1
LG: Why are you still hurt? You have to stop it now…so I can stop it too.

LG: I’m a stone!
MY: Kim Mi Young. What are you doing? Wake up.

LG: We finished our collaboration just fine…It’s good to have only good things.
MY: Then…Bye now.
LG: Miss Kim Mi Young, I’m very satisfied with your work.
MY: Thank you…It’s really our last. Take care, Gun.

ftly16-4 ftly16-5 ftly16-6
MY: Lee Gun, What are you doing in here? Are you Young Ja Unni? Lee Gun, why are you doing this to me? Who are you?
LG: That’s right…I’m your number one fan…Lee Young Ja.


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