Fated to Love You: Lee Goon and Mi Young’s Love Story (Part 5)

We started out as strangers but fate brought us together, we are fated to meet again because you are my destiny.

LG: I’ll return this piece you wanted back so desperately. I don’t know what it’s really worth to you or how much you care about it…but to me it’s just a painting.
MY: Get out.

MY: Do you know how hard I’ve tried to forget you for the last three years?
LG: So forget me. You foolish snail. Please forget me now.

ftly17-3 ftly17-4
MY: I have a ‘sister’ who I really like. I trust her and ask her for advice. Whenever I was having a hard time or fell into a slump with work she always listened to me and was on my side. She comforted me warmly…so I’m really grateful to her.

LG: You know…I wanted to sit with her so badly but I’ll never be able to sit with her again. How can I ask her to stay with me? How can I tell her not to leave? Or stay with me?

MY: Gun, are you stupid? Why are you worrying in advance about the hard times I might face? Because of a disease that didn’t occur yet, why do we have to be sad, be despaired, or cry in advance? We can cry when when it actually happens.
LG: Kim Mi Young, even if you say that you found out everything, nothing changes. My disease won’t change, and I don’t have the right to love you.
MY: Why do you need a “right” to love? I’m saying that it’s okay. That ticking bomb…even if we don’t know when it would explode, don’t be scared in advance. No matter what happens, I won’t let you be alone, even when you are hurt.I love you.

ftly18-2 ftly18-3
MY: Even if you push me away, I’m not going to move a step.
LG: How can you be so greedy? When you are this nice and stupid.
MY: Gun, sometimes it’s better to be greedy.

ftly18-4 ftly18-5
LG: What are you painting?
MY: You can’t see it yet.
LG: Why can’t I see it yet? Oh, this…
MY: I haven’t finished it yet.

ftly18-6 ftly18-7
MY: By any chance, do you remember this?
LG: Isn’t this the chip that I gave to you when we where at Macao. You had this all along?

MY: I can’t believe that you are by my side.
LG:  I can’t believe it either, I always look here and there to be sure you’re there. But now you can’t disappear from my life. You need to stay right beside me. Just like this chip.
MY: Just like you said, I’ll really be like this chip.

ftly19-1 ftly19-2 ftly19-3 ftly19-4ftly19-6 ftly19-7 ftly19-8
MY: Gun. Where are we going now? What about our wedding?
LG: Right now…I have to go somewhere with you, Mi Young.
MY: We’re already going together now.

Gun, If you’re reading this letter as an adult…you’ll probably already know what’s happened to your father. You’re walking the same road as your father. Gun, I decided to leave you and your mother, but I know I’ll regret it later. If you face the moment where you have to make the same decision as I did…don’t waste your time worrying about the future and live every day of your life happily. My lovely son, Gun.

ftly19-10 ftly19-11 ftly19-12 ftly20-1 ftly20-2
LG: I, Lee Gun…
MY: I, Kim Mi Young…
LG: Take you, Kim Mi Young, to be my wife…
MY: Take you, Lee Gun, to be my husband…
LG & MY: I promise that I will love you and adore you all the days of my life…until death do us part. No, even after death. I promise that I will love you forever.

ftly20-3 ftly20-4 ftly20-5 ftly20-6
LG: Mi Young. If we live together…One day you might have a very difficult and sad time because of me or my illness.
MY: Gun. Don’t be afraid. Let’s do our best to love each other and to be happy together…every day and every moment of our lives.
LG: I’ll make a vow to the star you love that I’ll love you every day fatefully….until the day all the stars are gone.
MY: I’ll love you…every day fatefully until the day all the stars are gone.

LG: Mi Young. Thank you for being with me.
MY: I’m very happy to be with you, Gun.
LG: I love you very…very much.
MY: I love you too.

LG: Mi Young, don’t you regret marrying me?
MY: Why would I? You’re here in front of me.
LG: Today, right now…I really want to thank you for being with me.
MY: I don’t mean the past or the future…but right here and now. Thank you for being with me.
LG: I love you…Princess Snail.
MY: I love you…Prince Lee Gun.

ftly20-9 ftly20-10
The End.


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