KDrama – Discovery of Love

Discovery of Love Poster

Other Title: Discovery of Romance, Finding True Love
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Episodes: 16
Network: KBS
Year: 2014


It tells a story of love triangle between one woman and two men.

discovery-yeorumHan Yeorum (Jung Yumi) is a talented furniture designer who owns a small workshop that she shares with her best friend. She’s so sweet and gentle around her friend and boyfriend but her personality totally changes towards her ex.

discovery-taehaKang Taeha (Eric Mun), the ex, is the president of an interior design company who is smart and confident with a strong competitive edge who always gets what he wants. However, he’s become a romantic guy when in love.

discovery-hajinNam Hajin (Sung Joon), the current boyfriend, is a plastic surgeon with a warm and gentle personality. He’s a good friend, a faithful lover and he loves Yeorum wholeheartedly but he has a dark secret that we want to hide.

Their love triangle begins when Yeorum and Taeha coincidentally meet again and they work together in a project.

Yeorum decides to collaborate with Taeha because it will help to solve her financial issues.

Taeha clearly shows his affections towards Yeorum. He even reveals his wish to restart their relationship once again.
Meanwhile, Yeorum starts to lie to Hajin but she’s a bad liar.

However, she finally realizes that her heart eventually drawn to Taeha.discovery-yeorum2

In the end, Yeorum has to decide which love will make her happier.


A brilliant, honest, hilarious, romantic and engaging drama. Definitely one of my favourite romcom in 2014!

I simply fall in love with the storyline and characters. The storyline goes so natural and realistic, and most of the time I could see myself fit in a certain character. Goosebumps.

I like how their past relationship shapes the character of our leads. Yeorum who was always give in, becomes a dominant one in her current relationship. She’s lucky to meet Hajin, who loves her so much. discovery-present
I can see, Hajin is the mirror of Yeorum in her past relationship.
But, Hajin on the other hand is not as calm as what we think because there is a secret that he want to hide deep inside his heart. As for Taeha, he learns from the mistakes. He becomes more understanding, more patience and more romantic than ever. discovery-past
We all make mistake in love/live but it makes us stronger and smarter to never do the same mistake again.

To me, Discovery of Love is a journey for every character to find and meet their true love when they reach their destination. There must be pros and cons for every decision we made to find happiness. Sometimes we make someone cry, the other time, someone will make us cries.

But I want to be myself with the one I love, because it what makes me happier. And Yeorum also think that way…
“When I’m with you, I felt most like myself”
Han Yeorum.


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