2014 SBS Entertainment Awards Winners

Lee Kyung Kyu has been announced as Daesang winner at SBS Entertainment Awards on 30th December 2014. He was awarded the grand award for his role as the main emcee of SBS Variety Show Program’s Healing Camp and Star Junior Show, which became one of the popular shows in the country. Congratulations!

Check out the full list of winners below.


★ Grand Award (Daesang)
Lee Kyung Kyu


★ Special Award
Yoo Hee Yeol


★ Viewers Choice – Best Program
Running Man


★ High Excellence Award (MC)
Variety Shows: Kim Jong Gook
Talk Shows: Cultwo Show


★ High Excellence Award (Program)
Variety Shows: Law of The Jungle
Talk Shows: KPOP Star 4

★ Excellence Award (MC)
Variety Shows: Lee Kwang Soo (Running Man)
Talk Shows: Yoon Do Hyun (One Night of TV Entertainment)


★ Excellence Award (Program)
Variety Show: Star Family Show
Talk Show: Star King

★ Viewers Choice – Popularity Award
Yoo Jae Suk (Running Man)


★ PD Awards
Radio Programs: Kim Chang Wan (Beautiful Morning)
TV Programs: Sung Yuri (Healing Camp)


★ New Star Award
Jo Sae Ho
Lee Kook Joo
Kim Ill Joong

★ Best MC
Kim Won Hee (Honey)
Lim Sung Hoon (Snapshot)


★ Best Entertainer
Ye Ji Won, Park Jong Chul, Ryu Dam (Law of The Jungle)

mc12014sbsent mc22014sbsent

★ Best Couple Award
Lee Manki & Choi Wee Duk (Honey)
Nam JaeHee & Lee Choon Jae (Honey)

★ Best Family Award
Oh! My Baby’ cast

★ Best Announcer Award
Choi Ki Hwan (Morning Wide)


★ Scriptwriter Award
Documentary: Shin Jin Ju
Variety show: Shim Eun Ha
Radio: Kim Jong Sun

★ Best Teamwork Award
Star Junior Show Bungeoppang’ child cast

★ Radio DJ Awards
Gong Hyung Jin (Gong Hyung Jin’s City Town)
Kim Ji Sun & Kim Ill Joong (Kim Ji Sun and Kim Il Joong’s Meeting the World)

★ Top Excellence Award (Comedy)
Lee Dong Yeob (Utchatsa)
Hong Yoon Hwa (Utchatsa)

★ Excellence Award (Comedy)
Jang Hong Jae (Utchatsa)
Park Young Jae (Utchatsa)
Kim Hyun Jung (Utchatsa)

★ Rookie Award – Comedy
Choi Baek Sun (Utchatsa)
Park Jin Joo (Utchatsa)

★ Rookie Award – Variety Show
GOT7’s Jackson (Roommates)
Bae Jong Ok (Roommates)


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