tvN10 Awards Winners

tvN has become a trend-setter in organizing an award show  when they managed to gather all popular stars from tvN’s drama & variety show under one roof and invited big stars like PSY and Lee Monsae to perform. It feels like a real festival!

Check out the full list of winner below:

Drama Content Daesang
★ Reply 1988

Variety Program Daesang
★ Three Meals a Day (Gochang Edition)

Drama Acting Daesang
★ Jo Jinwoong (Signal)

Variety Daesang
★ Lee Seojin (Three Meals a Day)

Best Actor
★ Lee Sungmin (Misaeng)

Best Actress
★ Kim Hyesoo (Signal)

Best MC
★ Shin Doyup

Variety Icon
★ Grandpas Over Flowers

Contents Bonsang Part 3 (Variety)
★ Martian Virus
★ Problematic Men
★ The Genius
★ Home Food Rescue

Romcom King
★ Eric (Oh Haeyoung Again)

Romcom Queen
★ Seo Hyunjin (Oh Haeyoung Again)

tvn10 Special Acting Award
★ Sung Dongil (reply series)

Contents Bonsang Part 3 (Drama)
★ Reply Series (1997, 1994, 1988)

PD Choices (Drama)
★ Drama – Lee Jehoon (Signal)
★ Jung Sanghoon

Comedy Male
★ Yang Sehyung (Comedy Big League)

Comedy Female
★ Ahn Yeongmi (Comedy Big League)

Contents Bonsang Part 2 (Variety)
★ SNL Korea
★ Roller coaster
★ Comedy Big League

★ tvN Asia Star – Park Bogum

Two Star Award (Variety & Acting)
★ Jo Jungseok (Oh My Ghostess & Youth Over Flowers)

★ Best Kiss – Seo Inguk & Jung Eunji (Reply 1997)

Content Bonsang Part 2 (Drama)
★ Nine
★ Oh Haeyoung Again
★ Signal
★ Oh My Ghostess

★ Rising Star Award – Ryu Junyeol & Hyeri (reply 1988)

Scene Stealer Drama Award (Male)
★ Kim Sungkyun (Reply 1998)

Scene Stealer Drama Award (Female)
★ Ra Mi Ran (Reply 1998)

Contents Bonsang Part 1 (Variety)
★ 3 Meals a Day
★ Flower Series (Grandpa/Sisters/Youth Over Flowers)
★ New Journey to the West

“Made in tvN”
★ Variety (Male) – Son Hojoon (3 Meals a Day)
★ Variety (Female) – Kim Seulgi (SNL)
★ Drama (Male) – Seo Inguk (Reply 1997)
★ Drama (Female) – Seo Hyunjin (Oh Haeyoung Again)

Content Bonsang Part 1 (Drama)
★ Misaeng
★ Dear My Friend
★ Rude Miss Young Ae


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2 Responses to tvN10 Awards Winners

  1. Do you think tvn will be doing another award ceromony this year?

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