2016 KBS Entertainment Awards Winners

Kim Jong Min was named as the winner of  Top Award (Daesang) at 2016 KBS Entertainment Awards. His hard work and perseverance after nine years with the show (1N2D) was finally paid off. Congratulations Jongmin shi!

Check out list of winners below.

★ Grand Award (Daesang)
Kim Jong Min (1N2D)kbs16_jongmin

★Viewers Choice Best Program
1 Night 2 Dayskbs16_1n2d_2

★ High Excellence Variety Show MC Award
Female : Ra Mi Ran (Sister’s Slam Dunk)kbs16_rmr

Male : Lee Dong Gook (Superman’s Return)kbs16_ldg

★ High Excellence Talk Show Award
Female : Kim Sookkbs16_ks

Male : Jung Jae Hyung (Immortal Song)kbs16_is

★ High Excellence Comedy Award
Female : Lee Soo Jikbs16_lsj

Male : Yoo Min Sangkbs16_yms

★Excellence Variety Show MC Award
Lee Bum Soo and Ki Tae Young (Superman’s Return)

★Excellence Talk Show Award
Jeon Hyun Moo (Happy Together Season 3)

★ Excellence Comedian Award
Female : Lee Hyun Jeong (Gag Concert)
Male : Song Yong Kil (Gag Concert)

★ Best Entertainer Award
Nam Goong Min (Battle of Songs)

★ Best Teamwork Award
Happy Together Season 3

★ Producer’s Special Award
JYP (Sister’s Slam Dunk)

★ Best Couple Award
Lee Kwang Soo and Jeong So Min (The Sound of Your Heart)

★ Best Idea Award
Gag Concert – The Most Beautiful in the World

★ Radio DJ Award
Park Myung Soo (Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show)

★ Popularity Awards
The Superman Kidskbs16_ros

★ Hot Issue Variety Program Award
The Sound of Your Heart

★ Best Writer
Yoon Ki Young (Gag Concert), Jung Sun Young (1N2D), Ji Hyun Sook (Sister’s Slam Dunk)

★ Rookie Variety Show MC
Female : Min Hyo Rin (Sister’s Slam Dunk)
Male : Yoon Si Yoon (1N2D)

★ Rookie Talk Show Award
Female : Uhm Hyun Kyung (Happy Together Season 3)
Male : Choi Tae Jun (Hello Counselor)

★ Rookie Comedian
Female : Kim Seung Hae (Gag Concert)
Male : Hong Hyun Ho (Gag Concert)

Congratulations to all winners! ^^


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