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A little bit about my addiction to Korean Drama. I’ve started watching Korean Drama since my college day almost 10 years ago. I still remember, the first Korean Drama I’ve watched was “Winter Sonata” and it was a phenomenal back then. I can’t remember how many times I’ve repeated this drama but I am sure this drama is the first drama that I put in my all time favourite KDrama list. I will always treasure this drama because it introduces me to Korean Drama world.


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  1. Raine says:

    You know, I still haven’t gotten myself to watch it….:'( It looks so intense! Nice site!

    • joenjohana says:

      You should watch it…it will captivate you once you started watching it.

      • Raine says:

        Since you provide such and awesome site, I’m going to consider it! 😀 I also link to your site whenever I use it for AGB stats! So hopefully you’re getting some traffic. I like traffic. It’s pretty….like Park Shi-hoo. Well, maybe not AS pretty. 😀

  2. Kido says:

    Thk you for creating and sharing this blog!!……wow….me too……Winter Sonata was my first collection for Korean drama and i will never forget this drama!!!……and now you know i m crazy over “Love Rain” but a bit sad for Jang GS for the low ratings. However, going to get a copy when the DVD is out.

    • joenjohana says:

      Yeah, we can never forget this drama because the storyline is captivating, the acting is so awesome, the OST is wonderful…Winter Sonata is a perfect drama for us!

      About Love Rain, the storyline is interesting and I love how it’s progress so far…I don’t really care about the rating once I’ve set my time to watch it.

  3. rainbow says:

    it’s true that we all have special place for our first dramas…:)

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  5. sulthanah says:

    Thanks for this blog… I like it because I can find many things related to TK2H.

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