Drama Schedule

Currently Airing

Monday & Tuesday
KBS2 – Jugglers
MBC – Two Cops
SBS – Oh, the Mysterious

Wednesday & Thursday
KBS2 – Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me
MBC – I’m Not a Robot
SBS – Nothing to Lose

Monday – Friday
KBS1 – Love Returns
KBS2 – The Secret of My Love
MBC – Enemies from the Past
SBS – Happy Sisters

Friday & Saturday
JTBC – Misty

Saturday & Sunday
KBS2 – My Golden Life
MBC – Man Who Sets the Table
MBC – Money Flower
OCN – Bad Guys: City of Evil
tvN – Hwayugi

Coming Soon
KBS2 – Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho 2
KBS2 – Queen of Mystery 2
KBS2 – Radio Romance
KBS2 – Shall We Live Together
KBS2 – Strongest Deliveryman
KBS2 – Suits
OCN – Children of the Lesser God
SBS – Four Men
SBS – Good Witch
SBS – Return
SBS – Should We Kiss First
tVN – Cross
tvN – Mother
tvN – Mr Sunshine
tvN – My Ajusshi

(Last update: 1st of Jan 2018)


2 Responses to Drama Schedule

  1. doramakaku says:

    Officially in love with this blog, btw hi! Hopefully my blog will get just as good!!!

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